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CT MACH Lookout’s Le Chamonix VCD4 UDX AP ADHF, U-UD
(January 13, 1996 – February 3, 2010)

It is with great sadness that I tell everyone that Chammy has passed.
14 years is a long and well lived life,
but it comes with great pain after so many wonderful memories were made.
She has left a huge hole in the Lewis household.  God speed.
Track on little girl!  We know you loved it like no other.

It’s Official!  Chammy is the first golden to receive the VCD4 title, and only the second dog in AKC history to receive it!

From Novice A to UDX & MACH, and now a CT!  May 30, 2005 will not be soon forgotten!  Adding a CT to
Chammy’s list of awesome accomplishments is a goal they have reached for!  We are SO, SO proud of them!
“In 24 minutes Chammy my nine year old Golden Retriever, completed three
AKC titles – CT, VST, and the VCD4……”   -Jerry Lewis

“I know of no one who has worked so hard with such dedication and love of the sport as Jerry and Chammy.
They finished the VST title at the very place where they started 8 years ago.

I cannot even express my joy and respect and envy of this dog and handler team!!  I had chills when he told me and
I really wanted to cry with happiness, but I did not, I waited until they left.  It is all so overwhelming when you have
seen the journey from the beginning.

I remember meeting Jerry and Karen years ago with a little Golden puppy at Cottonwood.  They were starting
their  tracking with Ruth Vogel.  She was so cute and they were so proud. ”

–Sheryl Peterson

Chammy is Jerry’s first competition dog.  When Jerry and Karen took her home, all that was requested of them, was to take a
puppy class, and love her.  They were hooked!  And, Chammy was good!  Turns out she’s a star tracker, with an owner as driven
as she is!
Jerry became an AKC Tracking Judge, because of the fine work the two of them have done together.
“I judged a TD with Adajane Knoll in which Jerry Lewis ran (the operative
word) his golden in literally 2 minutes.  We started down the first leg,
I suddenly realized how fast they were moving, told Aj we’d better pick
up our pace, and jogged to the first corner.  From there, we were able
to see the rest of the track and stood there, watching them finish the
track.  For those of you who don’t know him, Jerry is a small man with
the build of a marathon runner.  He was almost horizontal behind Chammy,
flying behind her.  When he got to the glove, he looked around, no doubt
wondering why he wasn’t getting hugged for passing like the earlier
exhibitors.  Wasn’t going to happen that quickly; Aj and I were still
hundreds of yards behind him!  I later heard he got his TDX moving about
the same speed.   Thankfully, he’s since slowed the dog down doing VST
as there’s no way the judges could keep up to see the track around the
buildings if they were still moving that fast!

Carol Pernicka, AKC Judge

And, his MACH.  What a thrill.  With only 2 points to complete her MACH, Chammy sustained a knee injury
during a Colorado mountain visit.  After 4 months off and careful rehab, Chammy returned to the ring to easily
complete her MACH.   WooHoo!
The team has gone onto complete their UDX.  Here’s the excited email from their teacher:

I just a call from Jerry and he told me that he and Chammy just finished their journey to the UDX.
This has been a great year for them.  They finished their MACH earlier and now the UDX!!

On a personal note . . . . I have had the greatest pleasure in working with Jerry and Chammy.
I remember all those parking lot training sessions in novice, I remember the difficulty in teaching the broad jump
in open and I remember training at Cottonwood in utility.
Through it all . . . . I remember how much fun Jerry had with Chammy and Chammy had with Jerry.
They have done it all in style and I like that!!

Congratulations to Jerry and Chammy,
Sheryl and the Peterson Poochies and that includes the Beagle.

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