Our Dogs at Lookout

I guess this should be titled, “Lookout Goldens and a few Border Collies,” as our lives have been altered over the past few years by the addition of a few dogs from the dark side. But, our roots are in Goldens, and we are pleased to have been privileged enough to share space with some very fine canines over the last 30 years. We have bred some fine dogs, in our very limited breeding, and we could not be more proud of all of their accomplishments. They are an awesome group, and their owners are the very best a breeder could hope for. Please enjoy navigating through the site.

Currently, there are three Goldens and one Border Collie taking residence at our home. We are currently active in obedience and tracking, but occasionally find ourselves in the conformation ring, agility ring or field arena. During the summer, we all enjoy hiking some of the wonderful regions in our beautiful state.  The photo carousel below is changed often.  Enjoy viewing some of our special moments.